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We Convert PDF, Word & Doc to Flipbooks

i-Booklets create Flipbooks for clients around the world, from as little as £20. Carefully designed and created, HTML5 and fully responsive for all devices. Let us convert your PDF, Adobe InDesign, MsWord and other formats into a fabulous page-turning presentation.
We also design, create and publish digital magazines, guide books, manuals, brochures, reports and more, for print and as flipbook presentations.

Your Design or Ours? Whatever you choose, you can be assured of great service, and realistic pricing.

Our finished designs are supplied as a 'press ready' PDF, ready to go to the printer of your choice. We use Adobe Indesign, recognised as the best 'design for print' software worldwide.
Trusted by many small and medium size businesses, we have many years experience in creating online presentations. Our online publications are created from 'Press Ready' documents to ensure a high quality presentation every time. Our digital publications are designed for all devices, and work equally well on mobiles and desktops. We can even host your digital publications at no extra cost.

EGO Magazine

Monthly Magazine - We create the online edition from a PDF supplied to us.

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Publications - Large & Small

Template, Web Application

i-Booklet for Reports, Newsletters, Magazines, Guides

Your Design or Ours


We use your brand, your colour scheme, your fonts wherever possible, and your images when available. When the design is ready, we produce an online draft for your approval.


Our charges are based on the hours we work, and we always provide a firm quote so you know exactly what the cost will be before you place an order.

Time Scales

When we receive an order we allocate time for the work, and will let you know in advance when the draft design will be available. If you have a deadline to meet, simply let us know and we will always try to accommodate.


If you have a design in mind, let us know. A sketch will often help explain your requirments and it's all we need to start designing for you.


We can supply you with all the files and instructions you need to add an i-booklet presentation to your website. However, not all hosting companies offer the facility, so we offer hosting of your i-Booklet presentation at no extra charge.


We create promotional videos, created from your photos and from video clips we have sourced online. Ask about this service, you'll be pleasantly surprised at our charges.

Presentation Slides

We create slideshow presentations with animations that will keep any audience paying attention. The slideshow can also be made available as a video, ideal for social media sharing.

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