About i-Booklet

Let's Start Publishing!

You've spent time and money designing and creating a useful resource, so why not show it as intended, and potentially reach a much larger audience?

And it's ready to print too!

The main features are

  • Attractive and Interesting Display of Documents
  • Documents may contain additional dynamic content such as galleries, slideshows, video and audio
  • Clear and Simple Navigation for ease of use
  • Documents may be Searched - extremely useful and especially in regard of technical manuals or guide books.
  • Documents may be downloaded and/or printed
  • The presentation may be shared on Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • The presentation may be shared via email
  • Sections can be tabbed for ease of use.
  • Links are embedded to other pages, either within the document or to other internet pages.
  • We offer hosting or help with installing the presentation on your site
  • SEO friendly with descriptions and keywords.
  • Branded with your logo - not ours.

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