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Thursday 1 August                                              Musicfest Xtra
                                                                                Pre-Festival Events
                                                                Friday 19 July - Ceredigion Museum  (£10/£8) Doors open
         1.30 pm Old Hall £14/                                  7.00 pm
         £12                                                    Recital by Rhisiart Arwel, classical guitarist, who has
                                                                appeared as a soloist with the BBC National Orchestra of
         Sacconi Quartet
                                                                Wales on numerous occasions.
         Tom noster (piano)
                                                                Saturday 20 July 7.00pm - Old Hall (free)
         Haydn String Quartet in
                                                                ‘Best of Ceredigion’
         D, Op 64 No 5, Hob.
                                                                A group of talented young musicians from Ceredigion will
         III:63, ‘The Lark’                                     be performing, under the baton of Isobelle McGuinness.
         Korngold  Piano Quintet                                Of a variety of ages, some have been in the National
         in E, Op 15                                            Youth Orchestra of Wales, some are in it now, and many
                                                                of them have been students at Musicfest.
                                                                (Collection in aid of the Friends of Ceredigion Music
         3.30 pm Great Hall (free)
         National Youth Orchestra of Wales
                                                                Tuesday 23 July 1.00 - Holy Trinity Church (free)
         Chamber Concert
                                                                A recital by David Cooper (violin) and Tom McMahon
         Chamber music played by members of the NYOW
                                                                (piano), to include Bach (BWV1016, first movement),
         6.30 pm Great Hall Foyer (free)
                                                                Mozart (Sonata in A, K305), Dvořák (Sonatina in G, Op
         Brass Showcase, featuring soloists from the Summer School
         Brass Programme                                        100), and Brahms (Sonata  in A, Op 100).
                                                                (Collection in aid of church funds.)
                                                                Thursday 25 July 7.30 pm—Old Hall (free)
            8 pm, Great Hall £20/£18                            Côr ABC,  Gwennan Williams (conductor)
                                                                Established in 1995, Côr ABC has developed into an
         Sigyn Fossnes, William Newell
                                                                ambitious and successful mixed choir that supports the
          (violins), Tim Boulton (viola),                       musical life of Aberystwyth and the surrounding area.
          Kari Ravnan (cello), Stephanie                        (Collection in aid of Friends of Ceredigion Music Service)
          Tress (cello), Simon Lane* and
                                                                Friday 26 July 8.00 pm - Great Hall (£10/£8)
         naul Turner† (piano) and David
                                                                National Youth Brass Band of Wales, conductor nhilip
               Campbell (clarinet)
           Huw Watkins ‘Speak Seven                             The programme will include Gilbert Vintner’s Spectrum
           Seas’, for clarinet, viola and   Sigyn Fossness      and  Philip Sparke’s Music of the Spheres.
          Robert Schumann Piano Quartet in E flat, Op 47*

                 Schubert String Quintet in C, D956              The Great Hall and the Round Studio are both located in
                                                                 the Aberystwyth Arts Centre on the main University
         10 pm, Great Hall (free)                                Old Hall is located in Old College, on the sea front
                                                                 opposite the pier; the entrance to the building is at the
         Fascinatin’ Rhythm: piano recital by naul Turner,       rear, on King Street.
         celebrating the influence of jazz on classical music,   The Ceredigion Museum is in Terrace Road above the
         including works by  Copland, Debussy, Chick Corea,      Tourist Information Centre.
         Gershwin and others.
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